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Best Teeth Whitening System in the Leavenworth Area

Have you always wanted a healthier and whiter smile?  Why wait one more day without loving your smile?  Our teeth whitening service lets you walk away with confidence knowing your smile is going to turn heads! We use only the very best for our patients and Zoom! Whitening is the best!

Over 12 million people have used Zoom! Whitening and we cannot wait for you to try it today!


before and after a teeth whitening treatment in Leavenworth First City Dental teeth whitening before and after teeth whitening service in Leavenworth teeth whitening treatment before and after - First City Dental in Leavenworth


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Patient Reviews

“This office is fantastic! A front-desk person with a good personality, a hygienist who can balance enjoyable conversation with excellent work, and a dentist who can relate to me like a longtime friend. I hate having my teeth worked on- but I enjoy the great job they do!”

Brian V.